University of British Columbia Excellence Scholarship, 2023/2024 Canada

In 1908, the University of British Columbia, generally known as UBC, was founded as a public research institution. It is regarded as one of the top research universities in the world that has influenced the world for the better.

More than 58,000 students from Canada and 140 other countries have actively applied to the institution, which is now based on two major campuses: the Vancouver Campus and the Okanagan Campus.

A $600 million annual research budget supports more than 8,000 programs at the University of British Columbia each year. With more than 9.9 million books spread over its 21 branches, it also has one of the biggest research libraries in Canada.

Additionally, The Max Planck and the UBC joined forces to form The Max Planck, the first academy in North America with a focus on quantum materials.

It is Yours) has been a proclamation of commitment to supporting and attracting all those who have ideas to make a better society. Tuum Est was the university’s motto in 1915.

Vantage One Excellence Scholarship

All international students who want to study in Canada are eligible for the “Vantage One” excellence award, which is being offered by the University of British Columbia.
The scholarship amount may reach the full cost of the student’s academic course of study as well as living expenses.

Awards are given to students who desire to enroll in an undergraduate degree in pursuits like performing arts, debating, creative writing, performing sports, or examinations and outside academic competitions.

Eligibility Criteria

To be permitted to apply for the Vantage One Excellence Scholarship at the University of British Columbia, spplicants should:

  • Possess a Canadian study permit and be an international student who plans to study in Canada.
  • Graduating or have recently graduated with an excellent academic record from an accredited secondary school.
  • Enroll in the University of British Columbia Vantage One Program to start your undergraduate studies.
  • The candidate must satisfy all entrance requirements for the university, including the English Language Admission Standard as well as general and degree-specific requirements.
  • The candidate must exhibit outstanding academic and leadership qualities.

Application procedures

To be eligible for the Vantage One Excellence Award at the University of British Columbia in 2024, a candidate must submit both an application for the award and an online admissions application.

Additionally, applicants may list up to two degree preferences; however, only the applicant’s first-choice degree will be taken into account for the grant.

Application Deadline: January 1, 2024, is the deadline for submitting an application to participate in the UBC One Excellence Award Vantage.

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