Torrens University Top 13 Scholarships for International Students 2024, Australia

The network of international universities for higher learning, which includes Torrens University, is called Laureate International Universities. A range of undergraduate and graduate degrees are available at Torrens University in a number of disciplines, including business, design, hospitality, health, and education.

The focus on education that is applicable to the workplace is one of Torrens University’s defining qualities. The university works closely with business partners to create programs that give students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their chosen careers. The university’s faculty, many of whom have substantial practical expertise in their specialties, are also given attention in this regard.

Scholarship Description

  • Host University: Torrens University, Australia
  • Host Country: Australia
  • Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate
  • Scholarship type: partial funding
  • Schlarship worth: check the details below
  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • Subjects Available: All Subjects

Applications must be submitted by December 31, 2023.

The Top 13 Scholarships are available to postgraduate and undergraduate students at Torrens University in Australia in various subject areas.

Scholarship Benefits

  • A New Alternative Scholarship: Worth: A 35% discount on the entire cost of tuition.
  • Introducing the just announced Brisbane Scholarship, which provides a significant benefit of up to a 30% discount on overall tuition costs.
  • Offshore Online Scholarship: Worth: A 30% tuition cost decrease overall.
  • Technology and Creative Design Value of a merit scholarship: A 30% reduction in overall tuition costs.
  • Alumni Scholarship: Worth: A 25% discount on the entire cost of tuition.

Eligibility Requirements

You must be an international student currently enrolled in higher education in Australia, have successfully completed an onshore English language program, Australian Year 12, a vocational program, or a minimum of six months of higher education study to be eligible for the Brisbane Scholarship. You may still be given consideration for the scholarship even if you have received a release from your current registered provider or are in the process of applying for an onshore student visa in Australia.

To continue receiving benefits from the scholarship, overseas undergraduate and graduate students must maintain an EFTSL (Equivalent Full-Time Student Load) of 1 over the course of a 12-month study session.

The grant solely covers tuition for the subjects taken on the first try. The full fee will be assessed if you retake a topic that you previously failed. Please be aware that any course modifications made during your study period may void the scholarship.

The New Brisbane Scholarship is now available to overseas students who will be starting their studies at Brisbane campuses in 2023. Please be aware that there are extra academic requirements for the merit-based scholarships in design, business, and health.

Students from different regions may be awarded regional scholarships worth up to 30% of their tuition based on the new international student passport. Please be advised, though, that students enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing program are not eligible for this grant.

In order to maintain their scholarship, international undergraduate and graduate students must maintain a full-time study load of 1 EFTSL during the course of a 12-month study session. The scholarship only covers the tuition costs for first attempts at topics; if a subject must be retaken because it was previously failed, the full cost will be charged. It’s also vital to remember that the scholarship might not cover any course changes made during the study period.

Students must also meet a minimum credit average in their prior coursework and have an overall IELTS band score of 6.5 or higher in addition to the standard eligibility requirements. This refers to prior high school coursework for undergraduate students and prior bachelor’s coursework for postgraduate students.

Offshore Online Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for full-time undergraduate and graduate students who will be completing their coursework entirely online while studying abroad. It exclusively covers tuition costs for first efforts at subjects, just like earlier scholarships. The whole fee will be incurred if a subject needs to be retaken because it was previously unsuccessful. The Master of Business Administration (On Demand) course is open to new international students, but it’s crucial to note that they are not eligible for this award. Instead, they may be eligible for a 25% scholarship.

Design and Creative Technology Merit Scholarship: The scholarship requires full-time undergraduate and postgraduate overseas students to maintain a 1 EFTSL study load throughout the course of a 12-month period, similar to the requirements of many other scholarships. It includes tuition costs for first attempts at subjects, although retaking a topic after failing the first time results in the full cost. It’s crucial to remember that any course modifications made throughout the study period might not be covered by the scholarship. The applicant’s credit average from previous academic work, relevant design work experience, and the submission of an extraordinary portfolio are all taken into consideration during the evaluation process for this award.

Alumni Scholarship: Candidates must be new international students and have a history of academic success at Strategic Education Inc. in order to be eligible for the Alumni Scholarship. A full-time study load of 1 EFTSL (Equivalent Full-Time Study Load) is required of both undergraduate and graduate students for the duration of the 12-month study session. The scholarship only pays for tuition for first efforts at topics; retakes that result from prior failures will be charged at full price.

Application Procedure

Students must meet the required requirements and submit a fully filled application form in order to be considered for the scholarship. Prior to submitting the application, it is crucial to carefully review all the information supplied in the form, including the selection criteria and requirements for selected candidates. The information provided by candidates will have a big impact on how the award recipients are chosen.

Official Website

Visit the university’s official website at if you’d like further details.

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