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“You wey be girl still dey single, James wey be man don get lover,” people says as James Brown flaunts mystery man “Papito.”

Controversial James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, has flaunted the person who gets his groove flowing, and netizens have a lot to say about it.

The effeminate just shared a video of himself with a mysterious guy while having an intimate session with him on his Instagram page.Brown, who refers to the man as “Papito,” grabs on to his shirtless boyfriend while filming the two of them.
After releasing the video, netizens flocked to the comments section to express their thoughts on the transvestite’s act.
One user wrote;

But na fvck up oo, you weh be girl still deh single, and James weh be man don’t have a boyfriend. What is it that u females aren’t doing that James did that I’m curious about?

What can you say about this? Kindly drop your comments below ??

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