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“You made me a doctor,” a Nigerian man thanks the lady who sponsored him pay for his medical school final year school fees.

Fisayo Ade, a Nigerian woman, has shared a note she received from a man she assisted pay his medical school fees.

The man apparently approached Fisayo around a year ago to ask for financial aid to pay his school fees so he could write his final exams, and she granted his request.

The man introduced himself as the person she assisted in the chat she shared, and informed her that he is now a doctor. He also admired her for her contribution to his becoming a doctor.

He wrote,”Hello, Fisayo. Hello and good morning. If you read through our conversation. I was the one who wrote the message requesting school expenses so that I may write my final examinations at school.Now that I am a doctor, I want to express my gratitude to you.God bless you in your endeavors.”You created a physician.”

Take a look at the conversation below.

Fisayo posted a screenshot of the chat with the caption,”Today’s best news!” My heart was warmed by this.Thank you, God!”She did, however, keep the man’s identity hidden.
She is now being praised on social media for being altruistic and assisting the young man.
See the comments section.”

@TruthNyarwanda wrote, It’s because of stories like this that I still think there are kind hearts out there, helping hands and peacemakers, despite chaos and greed dominating the media and emptying out dreams,”

@TamaraPosibi commented on Twitter: Great news like this simply outweighs all of the negative things we see and experience in the world. You should be proud of yourself for taking a chance on this guy.

@AgutaErnest wrote, “May God bless you with even greater grace.”God bless the labor of your hands, and anything you lay your hands on shall thrive henceforth,”

@thetoriumoh wrote.”There are amazing individuals here, I’m really glad for people like you Fisayo, God bless,”

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