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‘You have the audacity to be watching ball while I’m mixing your song.’ Adekunle Gold, Simi’s husband, is chastised.

Simi Ogunleye, a Nigerian female amazing singer, has many fans fawning over her and her husband, Adekunle Gold.This comes after Simi used the microblogging platform Twitter to mock her husband, claiming that he was too busy mixing his song to watch football.

Adekunle Gold praised the Super Eagles on Twitter after they won a resounding victory over Sudan to grab the lead in Group D with six points.Super Eagles dem ball abeg, writes Adekunle Gold.Simi reacted angrily to the tweet, questioning her husband’s arrogance in watching the football match as she busied herself mixing his song.

She wrote: I’m mixing your song and you have the audacity to be watching ball.

Simi recently chastised up-and-coming artists who fail to “sell themselves.”

On Friday, the singer voiced concern over the barren social media sites of some aspiring singers in an Instagram post.You’re a’serious’ aspiring artist with only three posts on your page: a sunset photograph, an aeroplane photograph, and a photograph of your shoe.

“Caption – Lost, but don’t find me. Nothing with your music in it. That’s not a great look. If you want it bad, always be selling yourself. Leave the mysterious sh*t for when you’ve won! Even then, still leave it,” she wrote.

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