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Why we keep Skit Maker Cute Abiola Is not missing !!! He is in care for breaking Armed Forces Social Media Policy the Navy representative said.

The Nigerian Navy has uncovered why Instagram Comedian Ahmed Gafar, known as Cute Abiola, was Arrested and confined against the hypothesis that he was missing.

An assertion by the Director of Information, Navy Headquarters, Cdre Suleman Dahun, revealed Cute Abiola was arrested for abusing and breaking Armed Forces of Nigeria online media strategy.

The assertion likewise unveiled that staff are not permitted to post their photos or those of their partners in military uniform or pictures containing military constructions. The assertion peruses: Cute Abiola isn’t missing !!! He is in guardianship for penetrating Armed Forces Social Media Policy, the Navy representative said.

The Armed Forces Act 2017 gives rules via web-based media use to check undignified utilization of online media by individuals from the Armed Forces, particularly acts that could deliver them defenseless to adversaries trap or imperil progressing military tasks. Faculty ought not post their photos or those of their associates in military regalia, or pictures containing military constructions, stages and other military related things, said one of the huge number of alerts in the rules.

Military faculty were additionally needed to caution their relatives against questionable behaviors via web-based media. Faculty will be expected to take responsibility for any security issues emerging from postings in regard of them by regular citizen companions or relations. They are in this way, to instruct their companions and relations as essential in regards to military security and what ought not be posted via online media, the rules said. News reviews Cute Abiola Entertainment Management in an assertion unveiled that the comedian, since his capture, was denied food, and no date has been expressed for his delivery from care. The assertion uncovered no authentic data with respect to Cute Abiolas offense, and hes been confined on orders from the Nigerian Navy Headquarters.
As indicated by the assertion, the shocking circumstance has delivered his significant other genuinely tormented and damaged as Cute Abiola is a Ulcer patient.

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