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Why I Hate How People Reacted to My Song Sip (Alcohol) – Joeboy

A lot of songs by up-and-coming Nigerian artists gained popularity this year. We’ve seen a lot of songs become viral, especially on Tiktok – Ckay’s Love Nwatintin, Fireboy DML’s Peru, and, of course, Joeboy’s Sip are just a few instances of songs that have gained a lot of traction as a result of the app (Alcohol).

When Sip (Alcohol) first went popular on Tiktok, it became somewhat of a phenomenon. People poured everything from alcohol to palm oil to even garri on themselves while singing the song enthusiastically as part of the song’s challenge.

It got a lot of attention, and reactions to the challenge were divided, with some people praising it and others dismissing it as ugly and weird. Here’s a video of some of the most popular Tiktoks performing the song:

Joeboy, the song’s author, witnessed all of the reactions to his music, and in an interview with the Grammy Awards, he discussed his views about how people reacted to his song. Joeboy was not satisfied with what he was seeing and felt compelled to speak up against everything that was being done with the music. Here’s what he had to say.

Joeboy was interviewed by a Grammy Awards interviewer, who questioned him, “‘Sip (Alcohol)’ is now gaining a lot of traction. However, I heard you had to advise your supporters not to do a TikTok challenge “which elicited the following response from Joeboy:

It was getting a little ridiculous on TikTok. People began spilling things [everywhere]. For me, that was a little out of character. I felt compelled to speak up because it was portraying the song in an unfavorable light. People were drinking palm oil and splattering it all over each other.

The interviewer then said, “Just to be sure,” “As a result, it isn’t about being intoxicated. It’s all about unwinding “Joeboy responded by saying:

That’s why I used the word “sip.” “That’s why I sip,” I said quite deliberately. I didn’t say drink, gulp, or pour because I didn’t want to mislead anyone into getting drunk or wasted.

Nigerians, on the other hand, grabbed the song and did more than just drink it. At the very least, the excitement surrounding the song has subsided, and people are no longer bathing in palm oil as they once did. What did you think of the entire Alcohol challenge, and what do you think of Joeboy’s current statements? Drop your comments below ??

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