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“Why did I sell my Range Rover to finish my home?” Nkechi Blessing, actress

Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a well-known Nollywood actress, has disclosed that she sold her Range Rover to finish her home.

It may be remembered that the actress recently used social media to show off her home, which she built from the ground up.Nkechi Blessing, who recently disclosed she sold her luxury car to finish her house, recently took to her own Instagram page to explain why she made the decision.
She believes that a car is never an achievement, but rather merely a mode of mobility from one location to another, therefore she decided to sell her range in exchange for a true accomplishment: a home.She urged her fans and followers to prioritize their lives in 2022, stating that selling her whip to finish her house was the best decision she took in 2021.

she wrote;

“In 2021, the finest decision I made was to sell my Range Rover and put this beauty behind me.” Thank you, God, for the space bus I purchased for my mother. By now, it’s 2022, and Shey is the landlady for Dey trek. Make an effort to get your priorities straight. A car is never an accomplishment, but rather a necessity, a means of getting from one location to another. This is my personal opinion, and I have not requested a debate. Please select whatever works best for you. “#unstoppable #ogoagbaye,” I said respectfully.

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