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“When I left school to pursue music, my father sent the police after me,” Davido says.

Davido, a popular Nigerian musician and music executive, has stated that when he left school to pursue music, he had a major falling out with his father, Adedeji Adeleke.

This was revealed by OBO in an interview with Earn Your Leisure, a podcast headquartered in the United States.His father, he claims, went so far as to shut down his gigs and even send the cops after discovering he had dropped out of school to pursue music.

“I wasn’t in school at the time.” I was working full-time in the music industry, and over the years, he discovered that I wasn’t in school, and there was a lot of turmoil. I dropped out of school. I returned to the city, where my father was pursuing me with the police. Yes, they (the cops) were hounding me to return to school. “Any show he (my father) saw me on, whether it was on a flier or whatever else, he was shutting it down,” he added.Davido went on to say that his breakthrough song Dami Duro was the turning point in his father’s relationship. When his father discovered how big his brand had grown, he and his father worked out an arrangement that allowed him to attend events when he wasn’t in class.”Then I released this song, Dami Duro, and it became so popular that even the president sang it.”

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