‘When a man leaves a toxic marriage he’s weak, but when a woman does it, she’s a hero’ -Justin Dean

Justin Dean, the estranged husband of renowned dancer and Instagram choreographer Korra Obidi has berated the society for failing to honour men the same way they respect women who choose to walk away from a marriage or a relationship.

In a post published on his Instagram stories, Dr. Dean stated that men also have the right to walk away from an affair that isn’t working out.

A couple of days ago, Ripples Nigeria reported that the chiropractor was filing for a divorce from his Nigerian wife. He accused his estranged of being a narcissist and also cheating on him, Dr. Dean since apologized for the latter.

In his recently published post, Dean mentioned that he is prepared to teach his daughters the meaning of gender equality even if the society fails to acknowledge it.

He said, “I will teach my daughters what equality is by the definition of the word.”


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