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What Role Does Olamide Play In The Life Of Zazu, A Fast Rising Star?

Many great young artists are making waves in Nigeria and around the world thanks to the Nigerian music business. The beauty of Nigeria’s music industry is that everyone helps one another reach to the top. They usually sign with a record company and ensure that the musician is well-known in the public eye. However, they are not without flaws. The way they battle each other is the most noteworthy aspect of them.

For example, despite the intervention of several well-known celebrities, the conflict between Burns Boy and Davido has persisted.

Portable, a fast-rising Nigerian singer best known for his popular song Zazu, shot to fame following the release of his single titled Zazu. Olamide and Poco Lee were featured in the hit single, and Olamide did not disappoint with his gorgeous rap steps, making Nigerians adore the music even more. Olamide has been playing a big part in the life of portable since the release of Zazu Zehh by ensuring that he keeps out of trouble with other musicians.
Portable previously accused famed dancer Poco Lee of stealing his music and the money handed to him by WizKid, but his promoter slammed him for being ungrateful for blaming Poco Lee, who was only trying to help him gain popularity. Olamide interjected after the breakdown between Portable and Poco Lee and stood by Portable during a tough period. Olamide pleaded on his behalf, pleading with Poco Lee and others involved to forgive him, claiming that he is still a newcomer to the music industry and that he is still learning.
Olamide should be commended for playing a significant role in Portable’s life, particularly in assisting him in becoming one of Nigeria’s fastest emerging talents. Olamide has now taken him under his wing for mentoring, and he should be commended for helping Portable become a force to be reckoned with in Nigerian music.

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