“We have yet to inform our mother,” said the sister of a girl in Ogun who was beheaded by her boyfriend and his friends for a money r!tual.

Rofiat, the young girl who was killed by her boyfriend and his pals for r!tual purposes in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state, has come out.

Her lover and three of his pals brutally murdered Rofiat. On Friday evening, January 28, her boyfriend, Soliu, brought her to an apartment where she was beheaded.The perpetrators were apprehended while attempting to burn her head in a pot. They confessed to the murder after being interrogated and brought the cops to the building where the dismembered body was found and lodged at the general hospital mortuary for autopsy.
In an interview with The PUNCH, Rofiat’s sister, Okeowo, recalled the final minutes she spent with her sister before the tragic tragedy.She claims she was requested to make beans for the family’s meal before Rofiat departed the house on Friday evening. Okeowo claimed that once his sister put the beans on the fire, she asked for permission to go, which she granted. She stated that she didn’t know where she was headed.She claimed she identified one of the accused in the viral video showing the culprits who beheaded the lady. This prompted her to bring a photograph of the deceased to the Adatan Police Station, where a Divisional Police Officer informed them that she had been murdered.

Okeowo went on to say that their mother, who suffers from hypertension, has not been notified of the issue because they are worried that if they tell her, something bad will happen to her.

“I contacted her number at 8:30 p.m. and inquired whether she was coming home tonight. She stated that she was already on her way and close to her destination. As a result, I retired to my bed. I called her at 10:00 p.m., only to discover that her phone number was no longer active.When I asked if she had seen her daughter, her mother responded no. I asked her mother again the next morning, and she gave me the same answer.Later that day, I learned that a woman had been killed and beheaded in the neighborhood. Because I hadn’t seen Rofiat in a while, I was skeptical… “If we inform our mother right now and she dies, we’ll have two dead bodies,” she explained.

The heartbroken sister also begged with the authorities to have her sister’s death avenged, with the suspects executed in the same way as her sister.

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