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“We didn’t get to exchange numbers,” a lady laments, pleading with Nigerians to assist her in finding a lovely man she met at an occasion.

A young Lady has resorted to Twitter to ask Nigerians for aid in finding a young man she met at a recent event.

On the microblogging platform, the lady identified herself as Georgina Charles, and stated that they met at an event on Boxing Day, but that they didn’t get to exchange contact information since she left the event early.

The lady appears to have developed feelings for the young man, as she uses Twitter to track him out and refers to him as her “love of her life.”

She captioned images they took together at the occasion, saying,”I met this lovely and sweet man yesterday, but we didn’t get the chance to exchange numbers, and I had to leave the event early!” Please retweet till the LOML is found. Twitter “Abeg, go ahead and do your thing.”

see her post below.
This comes after Salmerh Umar, a lovely Hausa woman, turned to Twitter to look for a future spouse.She claims to be 17 years old and from the state of Gombe. She has asked Nigerians to pray for her since she is in desperate need of a husband.The young lady, whose twitter account is @SalmerhUmar, remarked that she can no longer hide her emotions and wondered why men are afraid to approach her.Salmer published a slew of stunning photos to show off her attractiveness to the world and, maybe, attract the man she desires.

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