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Ugezu, an actor, reacts after a lady demands that he should upgrade his three-year-old phone.

Ugezu J Ugezu, a Nollywood actor, has responded to a woman who begged him to change his phone because the one he has now does not suit his fame position.

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As per the filmmaker, the lady sent him a DM requesting that he change his phone because a celebrity should not use the same phone for more than a year.Ugezu responded by stating that he has been using his phone for over two years and has no intentions to upgrade it anytime soon because it is still perfectly functional.

He stated on his official Instagram page,

“”Different people have different priorities,” says the narrator. So this girl came into my DM to say she noticed I’d been using the same phone for almost two years and that I should change it since it’s not appropriate for a celebrity to keep the same phone for a year. I’m still stunned. I never said I was a celebrity; in fact, I am a priest. Why should I replace a phone that is still working well after three years? “Wahala enough for Nigeria.”

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