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Twitter Stories: A man asks his 22-year-old girlfriend to pick between travelling abroad for her fully-funded MSC and staying with him.

Over the weekend, a tale about choosing between love and personal growth trended on Twitter, sparking a debate on the social media platform.A woman, whose age was specified as 22, was reportedly awarded a fully paid Msc scholarship abroad.

However, it was stated that the lady’s boyfriend was not impressed with her good fortune and advised her to pick between their relationship and studying in ‘the overseas.’Professor Rita Orji, who shared the tale on Twitter, said:

Woke up to an email from a lady who got a fully-funded admission for an MSc abroadHer ‘boyfriend’ told her to choose btn the admission & himShe seeks adviceI don’t interfere in relationship issues but think it’s unfair to put her in such a statePeople have diff priorities

My only question was:What is at stake if you choose one option over another?

You can determine what to do if he refuses to modify his mind based on this and your priorities.He pledged to marry her, she added, but he might break up with her.She’s 22 years old.What would you do if you were the girl’s boyfriend or if you were the girl?

What can you say about this? Kindly drop your comments below ??

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