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Trouble in paradise? Sandra Iheuwa has taken down her husband’s name from her Instagram profile.

Sandra Iheuwa, a Nigerian businesswoman, has alarmed followers by removing her husband’s name, Steve Thompson, from her Instagram bio.

Sandra, who just married Royal hair supervisor Steve Thompson, used to use her husband’s name as part of her online identity.Her bio also boldly declared that she is married to a boss, although her spouse, Steve, has “husband” on his Instagram page.Sandra had removed her husband’s surname from her Instagram profile as well as the phrase “married to a boss” from her bio, according to a quick check of the couple’s Instagram page. “Husband” has also been removed from Steve’s bio.This move has left fans and followers wondering how things are going in their married life.

ee screenshot below ??

Sandra’s baby daddy, Ubi Franklin, claimed a few weeks ago that Steve informed him he had no role in his wife calling him out on social media.

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