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Toke Makinwa is accused of suing his sugar daddy to court for failed promises.

Toke Makinwa, an on-air personality, has allegedly taken her sugar daddy, Aliyu Abubakar, to court for his inability to keep commitments he made to her before they began their relationship.

Aliyu, the AA oil CEO, is currently begging with Toke for the matter to be settled out of court, according to notorious IG blogger Cutie juls, but she is steadfast to the pleadings.

The blogger went on to say that the situation had been lingering for a long time, but that the media celebrity had calmed down after getting a large sum of money from the oil magnate.

However, according to the newspaper, Toke Makinwa has reactivated the case because he has not paid in full.

Here’s the gist of it:”

Whatever can happen will happen.”Isn’t it true that Sissy takes Uncle Aliyu to court?You have the right to inquire as to why. Sissy claims that Uncle did not keep all of his promises that he made before she agreed to engage into a relationship with him, as well as certain things that he put on paper via text that he would do for her, which he did not do, resulting in the court case.He is na him. Sissy, Oga, please make them settle out of court. Oga gave sissy a large number of money, but she lately wants to revive the subject. E was like Uncle, who never paid in full.

The man is under a lot of pressure.However, in a low-key manner, e dey sweeten me… Even if I dey pity him age and health, Shebi sissy gave Uncle full cuming whenever they gbenz sha, so on his side, he must fulfill contract na, or?However, I’m still perplexed as to how Toke accomplishes this. What kind of Nigeria is this? Wow! Toke is a badass with a sassy attitudeThis rumor is spreading like wildfire, and practically everyone in Lagos knows about Aliyu’s dilemma at Sister T’s hands. Sugar daddies are suddenly becoming more cautious about the kian promises they make to their babes, especially when the connection is sweet.

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