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Toke Makinwa complains about how people care more about who she sleeps with than her achievements.

Toke Makinwa, a popular TV presenter, has complained that people are only interested in who she sleeps with and not her hard work, adding that the fixation with where her vajayjay has gone is irrational.

Toke Makinwa raged on Twitter about how bloggers normally talk about who she sleeps with or who her vajayjay serves, claiming she didn’t want to start the year like way and that she wouldn’t let what she had worked so hard to achieve be reduced to lies.

According to her, many false stories have been formed over the years, and she has generally turned aside, expecting they would become bored and the truth would speak for itself, but their obsession with her vajayjay and where it’s been or who it’s serving is just absurd.

Toke went on to say that she could build a business, empower her community, or even find a cure for cancer, but they won’t care since the story will be about who she’ll be sleeping with this year, and she won’t look away.The popular presenter then issued a strong warning, stating that the bloggers’ contempt for her is enough, and that she will no longer remain mute about false information they publish about her, especially while she is in the middle of something important.

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