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This is so lovely, Lady’s joy as she welcomes triplets (Photos)

A lady, has gone to social media to express herself. As she welcomes triplets, she is expressing her excitement. Triple blessings,

She is not only a mother, but a mother of three children, which is a rare miracle. What’s more, guess what? She only had one period of pregnancy. Isn’t that something of a miracle?

This opportunity does not come to everyone. Some people are attempting to conceive.

Only a woman’s heart can comprehend the delight she felt throughout the 9 months, when there was no miscarriage, no negative report, and ultimately, when the mother and children were born healthy and perfect. There is nothing that God can’t do.

In her own words, she wrote on social media while sharing her testimony:

29/10/2021 God gave us triplets as a gift (2 boys & 1 girl) My belle’s butterflies produced triplets. Indeed, there is nothing that God can’t do. Thank you, Jesus, for this unquantifiable blessing.

Best wishes to the newest mommy triplets. Your house has been blessed!Prepare to carry your child, all expecting women.

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