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“There are a lot of people that need money more than me,” Davido says (Video)

Davido, a Nigerian singer, has stated why he is donating N201 million to orphanages as well as an additional N50 million from his own wallet.The Holy Ground singer said in an Instagram video that he isn’t being stingy, but he recognizes that he doesn’t need the money while others do.

According to the father of three, he will contribute N50 million, bringing the total to N251 million, which will be dispersed to other orphanages.

“The affection that people have shown me is beyond astounding,” Davido said. I used to think to myself, “Is being a good person even worth it?” because so many people would say things like, “David, you are too nice, you are too free, you are too available, you are too this, you are too that,” and it got to the point where I was wondering, “Is this thing impacting me?” However, the last several days have shown me that no man…I am grateful for that.

Many individuals have called me and told me, “It’s your money, keep it.” Don’t pay attention to what others are saying.’ Not to be cynical, but the sum of money is substantial.

I wouldn’t say I don’t need it, but I believe there are many more individuals who really need it. People were sending me money in the amounts of N5000, N2000, N3000, and N100. This could be their last bar.

We are currently at N201 million. I’ve chosen to donate all of my funds to the Nigerian government. I’m going to provide N50 million of my own funds. As a result, I’m going to disburse N251 million.”

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