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The word ‘Zazu’ comes from the Quran and the meaning ‘a popular Islamic female cleric.’ says

The prominent Islamic female cleric has revealed that the popular musician Habeeb Okikiola, nicknamed Portable, gets his song “Zazu,” which is currently hot on the internet, from Quranic citations.According to Kafilat Kaola, an Islamic cleric, the singer, who is currently one of the biggest stars in the entertainment sector, got her name from an Islamic phrase.

The cleric, speaking on Fresh FM’s “Ale Erebe” show on Friday evening, the 2022 new year’s eve, cited the place where the word “Zazu” was derived from the Quran and means “prayer point.”
“Many people don’t have good expectations when praying to God,” she said, quoting the Quran. “This is why their prayers are not answered.”

“Anyone who sings the song is blessed since it is a prayer point.” God doesn’t let the goodwill and enjoyment you offer me go to waste, but it abounds.The artist is acting like a tout, and he hasn’t even claimed to be a responsible individual.

He could not be calling himself a responsible person beside decent person while taking selfies with Taiye Currency. But as far as God is concerned with such a lifestyle, He blesses anyone He pleases,” she said on the radio.

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