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The wedding in Abuja was reportedly called off when the bride casually informed the groom that she is 5 months pregnant with another man.

A Nigerian gentleman took to Twitter to announce that a wedding scheduled for today, November 20, in Abuja has been canceled after the bride casually informed her groom that she is 5 months pregnant for another man.

The ex-couple were waiting until marriage to have sex before the bride dropped the bombshell of being pregnant for someone else, according to Twitter user @salttybarber.

He wrote:

“Today there was attempted to be a wedding, but it was canceled because a girl who told her fiance they should wait until after marriage is 5 months pregnant for one Hausa boy and waited for her traditional rites to be performed and church wedding to be fixed, things for the wedding to be bought, and every arrangement for the wedding to be made before telling her fiance she is 5 months pregnant.” The guy hasn’t touched her in two years since she speculated that he may have approached her solely for the purpose of having sex, to which the guy replied that after marriage, and this insatiable witch agreed…She nonchalantly told this guy on Tuesday that she is 5 months pregnant, after she had purchased everything for her religious wedding. I’m unable to write the letter e.

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