The murderer of Iniubong Umoren claims that “nobody is doing anything about many assassinations in Nigeria” after he was sentenced to death my hanging

According to Uduak Frank Akpan, the guy who was found guilty of k!lling jobseeker Iniubong Umoren, not enough is being done to stop the country’s high murder rate.Remember that on Thursday, August 4, a high court in Akwa Ibom State condemned Akpan to death by hanging for the murder of the young woman he lured to a phony job interview the previous year.Bassey Nkanang, the presiding judge, also gave him a life sentence for raping the job applicant.

Judge Nkanang asked the suspect whether he would like to address the court before being led away after rendering his decision.

Responding, Akpan said, “My Lord, I am not guilty.”

The judge instructed him to speak about the matter after informing him that the court had already passed that stage because he had already been found guilty.In reaction, Akpan stated that despite numerous murders occurring in Nigeria, nothing is being done to stop them.

His words; My Lord, in our country, there’re many assassinations, but nobody is doing something about it.”


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