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“The man I love doesn’t give a damn about me,” Roman Goddess complains as she finally speaks to Dino Melaye.

Popular socialite Roman Goddess has finally reacted after being dragged for seeing Nigerian lawmaker Dino Melaye in a hotel.

In 2020, the Instagram model made headlines when she posted a video of herself in a hotel room with former congressman Dino Melaye, whom she referred to as her “uncle and daddy.”Dino Melaye afterwards took to social media to warn her that he is not her’uncle,’ and Roman Goddess quickly apologized for uploading the video and explained that she wasn’t attempting to tarnish his public image.

However, Roman Goddess recently addressed individuals who are still shaming her over her visit to the politician during an Instagram live session.

She claims she isn’t married because the man she loves doesn’t care about her, thus people should let her do whatever she wants.”The man I adore doesn’t give a damn about me, so what’s the purpose? The point is to live your life, to enjoy it.” I don’t have a spouse… I have the freedom to be with anyone I want.” In part, she stated.

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