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“The devil lost, we overcame” — Former basketballer turned pastor recalls how ‘demons’ tried to stop him from marrying his wife

Abednego Lufile, a former basketball star from Canada, described how “demons” allegedly tried to prevent him from being married to Erin.The former Lufile, who is now a preacher, posted on Facebook about his encounter with the “demons” who, he claimed, tried to stop him from marrying his wife.

He claimed that in 2021, while praying for Erin, his girlfriend at the time, he experienced two demonic visits, but he continued to pray for her.Lufile, who married his wife last year after meeting her on Instagram in 2019, claimed he was attacked because the devil abhors “destiny relationships.”
He wrote on August 7 2021,

“One day I was praying for my girlfriend and a demonic spirit visited me in my bedroom at 4am and warned me to stop. It began to say many things then disappeared. This happened TWICE!This was probably one of the most intense encounters I’ve ever had. The devil is after destiny partners and relationships.”

In a follow-up post published on Sunday, August 7, 2022, exactly one year later, Lufile claimed that he and his wife had defeated the devil.

“Exactly a year ago I was experiencing tremendous spiritual warfare in the dating stage with Erin. I had crazy visitations and demons that would try to stop me from pursuing her and praying for her. We went from dating to married real fast! The devil lost! We overcame.” he wrote.

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