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“The Chrisland School tape should be blamed on Tiwa Savage and Oxlade.” Samuel Jemitalo,An actor says

Samuel Jemitalo, a Nigerian film producer, believes that Tiwa Savage and Oxlade, two Nigerian famous singers, are to blame for the s”x tape saga involving underage children at Chrisland School.

Ubi Franklin, a music executive, turned to social media over the weekend to criticize Chrisland School, stating that a 10-year-old student was raped during a school trip to Dubai.The crime was recorded and disseminated on social media, according to Ubi, who claimed that the victim was his friend’s daughter. In the midst of the rape charges, the sex tape surfaced, which revealed a completely different story.Samuel Jemitalo, an actor, shared his thoughts on the s*x tape issue, stating Tiwa Savage and Oxlade should be held accountable.

According to him, these young ones have smart phones and learn from things they come across online. Recall that Tiwa Savage and Oxlade made headlines some time ago after their s*x videos leaked.

“#TiwaSavage and #oxlade should be blamed for the Chrisland School s*x tape. This children use smart phones, they’re also on #instagram, they see all these things that we see too #chrislandschools #chrislandschools*xtape”. Samuel Jemitalo wrote.


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