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Teni’s Near-K!dnapping While Performing Live in Port Harcourt

Teni the artist was almost kidnapped while playing on stage in River state, according to a video circulating online, and her bodyguards did a good job of preventing it.

Teni went to play in River State over the weekend and thanked God that her adversaries’ intentions failed because they almost kidnapped her on stage when she was performing in front of a large crowd.Teni was performing and delighting her fans and music lovers who were all there in the video, and several people, including her bodyguards, were racing around her as she was playing on stage, which is when the k!dnapping attempt was made.
Teni’s bodyguards had to shoot in the air and among the crowd to keep her from being k!dnapped, according to an eyewitness who was there at the event, and that was how the matter was resolved and she was carried off the platform.According to accounts, some people were sent to the hospital after it became stumped, and we hope and pray that everyone is fine and that no one has lost their lives as a result of this, including Teni herself, who will be horrified.

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