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S*x Toys All Over The Highway After A Truck Got Involved In An Accident

A trailer in Oklahoma, USA got into an accident recently and the content which spilled out from the vehicle got may people stunned.

Many Oklahoma drivers had a slippery commute on Wednesday after the semi-tractor trailer allegedly spilled with lubricant and dildos crashed and flooded the I-40 highway before reaching a major s*x-toy distribution center.

Footage from the crash site shows an overturned truck with hundreds of boxes with metal cans and pink labels spilled out onto the highway on the western end of Oklahoma city. No one was injured – but the lubricated road took hours to clean up

The peculiar accident prompted KWTB News 9 pilot Jim Gardner to investigate the scene more closely.

‘This is a semi that overturned and lost its load here,’ Gardner said to an anchor. ‘There is a lot of stuff to clean up.’

‘Jim, can you tell what he’s carrying there? What’s all over the road?’ the anchor asked while observing the cleanup crew pick up the boxes.

Gardner paused before responding, ‘Not really. Maybe you can tell – I can’t tell.

He continued while zooming into the mess, ‘There’s a lot of stuff laying on the road – whatever it is it’s going to take a while to clean up.’

Perhaps some drivers on the opposite side of the road caught a better look at the slippery site.

Oklahoma Police Department didn’t immediately respond to comment to confirm what was in the boxes and where the truck was heading.

Nearby the accident is Patricia’s, an infamous s*x shop in the south. A shop representative told The Lost Ogle their stock wasn’t hindered and they have lots of ‘personal lubricants and s*x toys’ to go around.

Patricia’s further noted that ‘sales are buzzing.’

Millions of people have watched the video of the absurd sighting in amusement.

‘Figured out why your package is late,’ one person wrote on Twitter.

Another added, ‘What a travesty, I feel for those tens of thousands of women who are waiting impatiently by their door for the carrier to bring them their “package.”‘

Commenters further debated on whether of not the dildos will still be sold as ‘barely used,’ according to the Daily Star.

These shouldn’t be wasted! They need to at least send them to third world countries for Pete’s sake.

Others insisted Gardner knew exactly what he was looking at.

One expert intervened to weigh in on the topic

‘I work in warehousing and transportation, these will be thrown out and insurance claimed for full value. S*x toys and lube are held to the same sanitary standards in food.

‘So they legally cannot resell these.’

Some joked they hope the cargo wasn’t heading to Texas where it is illegal to own more than five s*x toys.

‘Hope that wasn’t in Texas, someone looking at some jail time for too many s*x toys,’ one person added.


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