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Suspected Yahoo boy confesses, saying “My mother asked me to k!ll my younger sibling for a money r!tual.”

Afeez Olalere, a suspected yahoo boy, has been detained by the Lagos state police command for reportedly k!ll!ng his younger brother for a money r!tual.

While being paraded, the 32-year-old confessed to the crime, claiming that his mother had begged him to do it.His mother allegedly urged him to murder his younger brother after a herbalist she took him to informed them that he needed to “sacrifice one life, and that person had to be a sibling to him.”He said that his 21-year-old brother was given poison and died 20 minutes after ingesting it.He went on to say that they removed the body parts they needed while wrapping and transporting his remains to the mortuary.

“My mother sent me to a herbalist, who informed me that if I want to succeed in the Yahoo business, I’ll have to give up one life, and that person must be a sibling to me.”

“Thumbs, hair, fingers, and a passport photograph are the ingredients he’ll need to make a mixture.” So, after some deliberation, we returned home and my mother proposed that we utilize my younger brother, who is only 21 years old.”She also delivered the poison, which we fed to him.” He died after only 20 minutes of eating the dish. I was the one who took out the necessary body pieces. We put his body in a blanket and drove to the mortuary.” He stated his case.

Olalere was arrested in Itamaga, Ikorodu Road, Lagos State, during a stop-and-search operation.

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