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Slimcase suggests saving money so that money can save you after everyone else has forgotten you.

Slimcase, a Nigerian singer and music producer, has urged Nigerians to save money for a rainy day.He advised Nigerians to save money so that they can be saved when no one else is willing to help them in their hour of need.

Slimcase went on to add that those with money should be prepared for how they will be treated if they don’t.

The Codeine Diet singer emphasized that what one saves when he has a lot will serve as a safety net when he doesn’t have someone to fall back on.

He wrote; “Don’t be surprised at how they treat you when they need you,” he added. My little brother Prepare yourself for how they will treat you after they no longer require your services.It is what you save that you will return to meet, not the people who are currently around you. Remember that they left some people to come meet you. The same will happen to you, so start saving now for tomorrow. Also, keep your family close.Save money in order for money to save you. Don’t only keep track of numbers on the internet. Keep an eye on your account as well.”

see his post below 👇🏿

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