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Six Musicians Who Abandoned Nigeria to pursue a career abroad(Photos)

Nigeria is a diverse country. It is colorful, fun, has delicious food, people with a great sense of humor, is culturally rich, and has a lot of heart. Nigeria can be a tough place. as. if. hellThese Nigerian musicians were tired of the country’s drama and chaos and opted to go to a country that was more tranquil, less stressful, and provided better working conditions. Here are six musicians who have left Nigeria to pursue a career overseas.


Tekno, a Nigerian singer, moved out of the country a long time ago. Tekno, in a hilarious Instagram video discussing his decision, said:You already know that I left Nigeria when it was renamed the United Arab Republic. I’m not a fan or a member of UAR. I’m a Nigerian who will only return when the country is renamed Nigeria, but I’m now located in the United States.


Samklef, a famous Nigerian singer and producer, is another well-known artist and producer who has chosen to reside outside of the country. Samklef is presently based in the United States, although he continues to produce Afrobeats music from there.

Tunde Ednut

Tunde Ednut, a Nigerian singer who became a well-known blogger, is another individual who currently lives in the United States. Tunde went to blogging after a dismal music career, and has since risen to become one of Nigeria’s most prominent bloggers – all from outside the nation.


Niyola, a Nigerian singer, is the last artist on our list. In an interview with Chude, the Toh Bad singer disclosed that she had left Nigeria quite some time ago. Niyola stated of her desire to leave Nigeria for the United States of America:

I moved to L.A. primarily because I was sick of being here, and I’m not going to lie, I was sick of it. I had the impression that there was a ceiling above my head. I can’t seem to go past this point. How do you grow in a situation when you haven’t even discovered a quarter of yourself yet, but it’s too much? How am I supposed to find the best version of myself if I can’t even be the best version of myself right now? I felt compelled to step out into the open and let my hair down. That’s why I walked away.


Yung6ix is another Nigerian musician that has moved to the United States. Yung6ix now resides in the United States and told his fans about being robbed while attempting to move into his new apartment overseas. He stated, “My automobile was broken into. I’d spent my entire life in that vehicle. My laptop, which contains my latest album and mixtape. While I was moving into my new apartment, I had between $5,000–$7,000 in cash, a Black Magic 6k camera, four iPhones, a PlayStation 5, and studio recording equipment.He isn’t leaving Nigeria only to jam kasala in another country. Sorry for the inconvenience, Yung6ix; perhaps you’ve been able to recuperate.


Eldee, a Nigerian musician known for singles like Bosi Gbangba, Big Boy, Today Today, I Go Yarn, and others, moved to the United States many years ago.When Simi, a fellow artist, tweeted earlier this year, she said, “I used to be so optimistic about Nigeria, but now I’m nervous just driving around the streets. I become nervous when I see police officers with guns. I become nervous when someone approaches me unexpectedly. I despise it here “Eldee’s response to the tweet was as follows:

This is one of the main reasons I left. I was hopeful as well; I still love her, but I value my physical, social, and emotional well-being more. It was a difficult decision, but it was the best thus far.

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