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Shizzi, Teni’s ex-label boss, and she had a heated encounter after he calls her a “Ungrateful C*nt.”

Teni has retaliated against music producer Shizzi after he made a remark in response to her complaint about users.Teni sparked the controversy by tweeting her anger with people who ‘use’ others for selfish benefit.

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She’d wrote;”Users have no pity for you; they’ll take advantage of you with no remorse; don’t let that crown shift.” “Get out of here.”

Shizzi then responded by quoting the tweet:”Oh, you don’t think I’m there?” Isn’t it true that they haven’t served you breakfast yet? See who’s bringing up the subject of users???”

Teni retaliated;”You wanted to squander my life, didn’t you?” I was signed with no plans in mind. You handed away my music, my mother paid you in full, and I was able to walk away from the deal in peace. I would still be singing on the streets of Atlanta if it hadn’t been for my mother.”

Shizzi then accused Teni of having another in-house producer re-create a song he co-wrote with her.”You, who took a song that I made with you, “Case,” and granted your in-house producer permission to copy it without my agreement, and you published the song, and your guy “Nurse Dolor” endorsed it with no regret till 2day…, you’re talking about users.. nah stop it!”

Teni demanded that Shizzi drop the stems (raw format) if he truly produced it.”Drop the stems if you made it yourself.” If you don’t drop the stems in 10 minutes, you’ll be a tiny bitch.”

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