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“Saying ‘hello’ is a slogan of Hell” – Evangelist Funmi A.K.A Mummy GO Says

Evangelist Funmi Adebayo, often known as Mummy G.O, a controversial female preacher, has declared that saying “Hello” is a sin.Iyana Ipaja, Senior Pastor of the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God (RAPEC) in Lagos, said this recently during a sermon at her church.

According to her, removing the ‘O’ from ‘Hello’ leaves it with ‘Hell,’ making it a sinful language.

In his words;

“A Ghanaian bishop was disputing with me.” We’re listening to your message, Evangelist Funmi, but don’t say anything stupid, he said. Don’t try to teach us bad habits. I stated exactly what I had taught was incorrect.’You said it was demonic if someone said Hello,’ he said. ‘It’s not good.’ Yes, sir, I stated that. It was never something I denied.What’s left if you remove the o from Hello? Hell! So I welcome you in the morning or when you call, and all I say is “Hell!” It’s a hellish language, a hellish slogan.”

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