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Rita Daniels, Regina’s mother, is said to have pleaded with Ned Nwoko to forgive her daughter for cheating [R. .18]

Regina has been caught in the thick of the drama that has erupted between Ned Nwoko and his ex-wife Laila Charani.Cutiejulz, a blogger, blasted Regina for supporting Ned Nwoko’s decision to embarrass his ex-wife, Laila, alleging that Regina did the same but was spared since her mother, Rita, intervened and pleaded for her.

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According to the blogger:”
Seriously, I’m not fond of Gina and Ned’s treatment of Laila. Why is Gina defending Ned to the detriment of Laila kini kon?When Gina was cheating on her fellow lady, Cassie, where was this energy?Rita went to Ned’s house to beg him, and Cassie was chased out, and Gina’s guilt, which was far worse than Laila’s, was discreetly buried.They only told Cassie the tale she wanted to hear about Pa Ned, but that wasn’t the reason. The primary issue was Pa Ned catching Gina and Cassie multiple times.But they want to make Laila look bad in front of us, her virtual in-laws. What difference does it make if she did it? Is Ned a devoted husband? Was he not having an affair with Gina, the little girl, behind Laila’s back until she became pregnant and they had to marry? Despite the fact that she had lost the first round, she was still able to win the second.

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