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Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide and lawyer, has reacted to Davido’s choice to give away all of the money contributed by friends and supporters.

“Only few people will contribute N1 million to orphanages but will fall over themselves to donate to Davido” – Reno Omokri

The musician previously stated that he will donate the N201 million he received, as well as his personal N50 million, to orphanages across Nigeria.

Reno praised the musician for the generous act in an Instagram post, describing him as a man with a golden heart.
He, on the other hand, took potshots at individuals who donated to the performer but would not donate to an orphanage. Davido, he continued, is wiser than everyone who handed him money.

He wrote,”

Davido is more wiser than the people who gave him money for his birthday. He is aware of the spiritual realm and God’s methods. By virtue of James 1:27, he has gained a soft spot in the Creator’s heart. I applaud him. What a golden heart you have. What a man to keep an eye on in the future. Could he follow Ronald Reagan’s footsteps in life? Those who gave to him are a completely different matter. Proverbs 22:16 should be read by them.To demonstrate how vain human nature is, only a small percentage of people will donate $1 million to orphanages in desperate need. They will, however, drop everything to donate $1 million to Davido, who does not require the funds. Davido was aware of this. And he went ahead and did it.

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