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Regina Daniels reveals what she tells husband, Ned Nwoko whenever he complains about her eating habit

Regina Daniels, a well-known Nollywood actress and mother of two, recently shared the response she gives her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko when he criticizes her eating behavior.Regina, who gave birth to their second child on June 29 — the same day she gave birth to her first son, Munir, in 2020 — revealed on her Instagram story that her husband frequently criticizes her for eating too much.

She claims that whenever he comments on how much food she consumes, she justifies it by mentioning that she is currently nursing their second son.Regina claimed that regardless of her justification, her politician husband would still push her to consume a lot of food.
The young nursing mother responded by saying that if his claim is accurate, she is relieved that she now has a justification for eating as much as she pleases.In a video she shared, she can be seen devouring chips.

“Hubby: G you eat too much eeehMe: ha ba! I’m breastfeedingHubby: this your excuse.. breastfeeding or not, you can eatWell now, there’s a valid excuse”


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