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Reason Why DJ Cuppy Ran Away, After She Found Out Her Date, Is A Nigerian

Famous circle jockey Florence Otedola, who’s known as DJ Cuppy, shared a video on her Instagram account which she labeled “synopsis of her dating life.” From the video, she met the fellow and after he professed to come from London, he later opened up and said he was initially from Nigeria, which made her laugh and run

Here is a motivation behind why she responded that way: She discovered that the person definitely knew whom she is:

Alots individuals here in Nigeria do expect to be related with the Otedola family because of their degree of opulence and influence, and even while the expectations of a significant number of them could be unadulterated, there are still some rotten ones which have caused numerous offspring of the rich to keep away from youngsters, particularly those that might have confronted shock. Clearly Florence knows about such, as she’s discussed having an ex on many events.

Moreso, the person was conversing with her friends before she came, and out of nowhere, he left her friends for her, which was very clear that he might have known her. To keep away from whatever could make her lament her examinations or her new relationship with any man, she needed to run. It doesn’t imply that each Nigerian out there is a decent digger, however there’s an adage that whenever you’re chomped, you should be twice modest

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