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“Quit allowing sex start a relationship,” says Erigga, a rapper.

Erhiga Agarivbie, often known as Erigga, a Nigerian singer, has stated that sex should not be the foundation of a relationship.

The rapper, who is known for his relationship advise on Twitter, recently urged people to stop letting sex start their relationships in a tweet.
His post, on the other hand, elicited a mixed response on the microblogging platform. While some people agreed with him, others disagreed.”That’s the truth, some of you can’t even talk with your acclaimed lover, if it’s not sex then there’s nothing tangible to discuss,” remarked Instagram user
@hrh.e.r in response to Erigga’s post.

@the omokehinde, “It used to be relationship before sex.. now it’s sex.. then it’s a relationship..” We’re all mad to finish.”

@9janewsgist, “Live your life your way and let others live theirs their way.”

@manlykbobby_, “If you want to make sex lead to relationship or make love lead to partnership, go chop breakfast go chop ham…” “Jarey, take your motivation to your family’s residence.”

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