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Pretty Mike queries why women go to church without wearing a bra or underpants.

Controversial Pretty Mike of Lagos, a Nigerian celebrity, has challenged the motives of women who attend church services without wearing a bra or panties.

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The popular club owner, who made social media rounds for attending actress Eniola Badmus’ 24 years on stage with 20 ghosts, expressed his displeasure with the practice of some women purposefully exposing their bodies in see-through outfits and without underwear.Pretty Mike took to Instagram to denounce the constant movement of this particular group of girls during the church session.

“Pls some of you girls who don’t wear underwear and bra to church, what are your motives for doing so, I think it’s pretty terrible to do so, and to make it worst, na u come Dey waka waka up and down the whole church the most,” he wrote.

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