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Portable criticizes previous promoter Kogbagidi, saying, “I am in London despite your refusal to bring me here.”

Following his arrival in London, Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, took a shot at his old promoter, Kogbagidi.Portable, who is excited to be visiting the United Kingdom for the first time, shared photographs and videos of himself in London on his Instagram page on Tuesday. He expressed his gratitude to socialite E-Money and stated that the billionaire sponsored his trip to the UK by sharing the images.

However, the singer, who has been dubbed “London Boy” since his arrival in the country, took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to criticize his old promoter, Kogbagidi, for allegedly refusing to send him to the UK while they were together.

Despite Kogbagidi’s unwillingness to drive him there, the Zazu Zeh singer uploaded new images of himself on the streets of London, gloating that he had finally made it to the UK.

“Kogbagidi refuse to take me to London but look who is here today,” he captioned the photo.

See his post below,


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