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Portable clears up a disagreement with Kogbagidi and returns the car to the promoter.

Portable, a rising musician, clarifies a misunderstanding with his promoter, Kogbagidi, after calling him out on his questionable returns.

In a video, Portable pulled a baseball bat at his promoter, demanding that he take up his car and other proceeds from his event.After receiving his car just hours after the furious exchange, the singer settles with his boss in a new video, where he notes that disagreements are unavoidable, but that resolving them as soon as possible is of the biggest importance.

“We’ll fight it out and figure it out; my boss Kogbagidi is here.” We squabble and eventually come to an agreement. Believe in me, my boss; I believe in God, my phone, and my sub. They claimed that if you take me to London, I will run away. “Don’t worry about them; they’re just jealous of me,” he stated in part.

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