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Portable, a viral singer accused of snatching a man’s girlfriend in Kenya, says, “He collect my gee baby ni ooo.”

Portable, a viral Nigerian singer who recently arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, allegedly snatched another man’s fiancée in the city, according to reports.

The musician, who has been documenting his trip on social media, was seen hanging out with a couple of ladies in the city apartment where he was staying.
Portable’s video has impressed a many of his admirers, who are contemplating how fame has transformed his lifestyle and how he can now bamba and chill with the big boys.However, one of the girls seen with the artist in his lodge is rumored to be the girlfriend of another man from whom the singer allegedly snatched her.A friend of the boyfriend whose baby was kidnapped contacted a media, reporting the situation and accusing the musician of causing “wahala” in Nairobi.

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