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PHOTOS: On their fifth wedding anniversary, husband and wife were’sentenced to life.’

A couple chose to dress up as inmates to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, which went viral on social media.

The man and woman not only dressed like inmates in orange jumpsuits, but also took fake mug photographs and brandished posters that read “Sentenced to Life.””5 years served” and “sentenced to life” were written on the mugshot letter boards.

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“Not Everytime a perfect picture portraying marriage with all the glits and glitz of a beautifully fitting suit and gown or some elegant native apparel,” brand expert Kingsley Egbe remarked on Instagram.

The truth is that we all feel as if we have given up our freedom and are now enslaved by it.”Marriage will sometimes surprise you by revealing who you’ve been locked up with. But that’s part of the appeal.
What do you do when you’re doing it for the rest of your life? I suppose you gradually get used to it, learn to appreciate the little things that mean a lot to you, and do everything you can to make the most of the remaining moments. Particularly if you have a partner who is willing to go through life with you.”

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