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Pastor decided to shares photos of the ‘angel’ that was captured on camera during service in his church

A Nigerian pastor in Cotonou recently took to Facebook to reveal images of the alleged “angel” he claims was caught on camera in his church a few days ago.

The ‘Angel’ was seen on camera during his church’s cross-over ceremony on December 31, at exactly 12:13am, according to Pastor Ekuma Uche Philips, who added that he had never seen anything like it in his life.Along with the photographs, he wrote,

INDEED, THIS IS DOUBLE WONDERS.On Friday, December 31st, an ANGLE was captured on camera during our cross-over night.At precisely 12:13 a.m.,

I’ve never seen anything like it since I was a born.

We are living in a time of enormous WONDER.This is the presence of God.Thank you, Lord. For your wonderful visitation and double wonders in Porto Novo’s Faith Foundation Ministries. Benin Republic is a country in West Africa.

The pastor’s post, as well as images of the alleged angel, may be found here.👇🏿

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