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Passionate responses as Keke driver lashes his child to his chest while working in Onitsha

A fascinating sight including a keke driver as of late grabbed the eye of occupants in Onitsha, Anambra state and started endearing responses online too. A keke driver was spotted with a child tied to his chest utilizing a covering as he happened with his transportation business of getting and dropping off travelers in the bustling city.

A web-based media user posted the image with the capture; God favor the work of our folks ..seen in Onitsha

The picture of the doting father carrying his baby was shared on Facebook, and has gone across online
Read some blended enthusiastic responses below

Yvonne Afua Sarpong; This is extremely unsafe. I comprehend hes giving a valiant effort however hes likewise imperiling the babys life.

Anna Cole; This made meextremely upset ..Trying the very best he can To every one of the spouses/fathers out there making every one of the penances to keep family together, may God favor your hustle with monetary forward leaps

SirJoe Eve; And later on ,moms assume all the praise Great favor each striving father out there

August Leonard Styles; For us who dont have any legacy, no association or even abundance. May God favor us for our folks so they will harvest their reward for all the hard work

Elliot Ebi; Is just an Igbo man that can do this. Exquisite and steady men.

Temmy Dee; Where is their mom? May God favor this person for those infants.

Kalu Divine; Lord I dont know this person ,however pls I ask you, favor him atleast for the youngsters.

Gabriella Chinenye; This is the kind of individuals that actually needs gofund account. Its so grievous battling with a child like this

James Gladys; The luv of a dad to his youngster. May this youngster develop to do right by the family

Egovin Nwinyinya; All this penance for the love of youngsters God favor every one of the guardians out there in Jesus name so be it

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