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Oromoni, Sylvester He volunteered to get beaten and drink engine oil because he wanted to join the Boys Gang – Kemi Olunloyo says

Kemi Olunoyo, a well-known investigative journalist, has come forward to reveal what she has learned about Sylvester Omoroni’s death. Sylvester died, according to Kemi Olunoyo, a 12-year-old child, not because he was mistreated, but because he wanted to join the school’s boys’ gang to obtain some popularity.

“People, it was under peer pressure, they told him we have to beat you, they beat him, they told him you had to drink this thing, he drank engine oil, engine oil that one of the lads obtained from a house master’s car,” she added on Twitter. That’s what investigative journalism is all about: I’m telling you what’s going on in the inquiry.”

“I people on the inside feeding Kemi with information, the government wouldn’t like it, the police chief wouldn’t like it, but that’s not my fault,” she said. “At the end of the day, Sylvester did everything they asked him to do, they asked him to describe his sister’s vagina, he did, then he told his parent…”

She went on to add that the majority of people have no idea what boarding homes are about, and that they are similar to Big Brother Naija in that they create small groups and have a big brother to whom they listen.

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