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“One of the key reasons a lot of men still stay married is side chicks,” says Blessing Okoro, a relationship expert.

Blessing Okoro, a relationship expert, claims that side chicks are one of the main reasons most men stay married.

In an Instagram video, the relationship counselor compared side women to spare tyres, claiming that they are the reason most marriages are still going strong.She observed that, similar to spare tyres, a side chick comes to a man’s rescue till he fixes the primary tyres, i.e., when there’s a problem in their home.
According to her,

“Side chicks are one of the reasons many men stay married when their car breaks down and they have a spare tyre to manage till the main tyre is fixed imagine if they didn’t have a spare tyre.”

“One of the main reasons why a lot of men stay married is because of side women… Leave the commotion outside and concentrate on your marriages. You don’t want to miss this, married and not-yet-married ladies. If you want to watch me fight your keypad, stay in my comment session. If you put your phone down, reality will show you…learn,” she added.

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