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Omokri’s Reaction To The Mummy GO’s Meme That Says Anybody Under 50 With A White Beard Will Go To Hell

Reno Omokri went on Facebook again, this time to respond to a Mummy G.O’s meme about one of his features.

The Mummy G.O meme is a popular social media trend in which people share some of the amusing things said by the supposed Mummy G.O while preaching. Some people also utilize it to send hilarious messages.

Reno Omokri came across one of the memes, and the message expressed by the meme refers to Reno Omokri in a roundabout way. On the meme, it was written that anyone under the age of 50 who had white beards would go straight to hell. Reno Omokri screamed “Ha!” in Yoruba after seeing the meme. mo gbe! kini mo se fun yin now, mummy? “E sa nu mi!” exclaims the speaker. Reno Omokri, when translated into English, exclaimed, “Ha! I’m finished! Please have mercy on me, Mummy! What have I done to you now?”

This is simply hilarious since it caught Reno Omokri off surprise.
Reno Omokri reacts to the Mummy GO meme.
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