Obi Cubana offers a Lagos roadside hawker university scholarship as well as job opportunities.

Obi Iyiegbu, a Nigerian businessman and socialite known as Obi Cubana, has melted hearts on social media after offering a job and a university scholarship to a roadside hawker in Lagos.

The Hawker is the same man in the viral video that was seen sharing money to inmates and he has now been rewarded for his kind heart.

Obi Cubana shared this in an Instagram live conversation with media personality Daddy Freeze.

“I’m giving him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; he needs to go to school, and I believe that is his goal.”

“I will accompany him through university, and if he wishes to pursue a Master’s degree overseas, I will ensure that he is comfortable while attending classes, since, as I previously stated, that is the most we can do for him.””He will go to university and do whatever he wants, and by God’s grace, I know I will still be standing by the time he finishes. He has a place at the top level in any of my organizations, and if by God’s grace he finds a higher calling, you see, there is nothing tied to this, and I do not expect anything in return.”

“I’m not putting any restrictions on this, but if he refuses to return to school, we can now hear what he wants to do and then support him.””The most essential thing is for him to know that he has a mentor and a life guide in me.” I think that God will provide me with health and strength so that I can make it easier for him.

“Not only will the guy go to any university of his choice in good condition to pay school fees, but he will also go to any university of his choice in good condition.” He has a golden heart. This is the type of person we need.”I pray that others will perform eye service to attract my attention; let them do this; you never know when you get used to it, the world will be a better place.”

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