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Nkechi Blessing Reveals the Only Thing That Can Get Her Out of Her Marriage.

Nkechi Blessing is a Nigerian actress who has appeared in films such as Kafila Omo Ibadan, Omoege Lekki, The Ghost and the Tout, and The Fate of Alakada.

The actress declared her marriage to Ekiti politician Falegan Opeyemi David on her Instagram page on June 10, 2021. Nkechi Blessing was recently asked questions regarding infidelity in marriage and the effects of social media in a new interview with The Sun Nigeria. Nkechi Blessing made several assertions in her response that some may consent with and others may not.In any case, I’m here to tell you exactly what Nkechi Blessing said during the interview, so without further ado, here’s what she said.

Nkechi was asked about the negative impacts of social media on marriage and adultery in a marriage during her interview with Saturday Sun. Nkechi said, “I’m afraid of home wreckers breaking up my marriage because of how much I flaunt my husband online

Are you terrified of house wreckers as I am? Never! Now is the time for them to come in and break us. Is it really that simple to rob a house? We don’t have any skeletons in our closets, so we’re just doing our thing and going about our business. Relationships aren’t shattered by social media; they’re shattered by the lies partners tell themselves. Diggers are free to dig as much as they want; we have nothing to hide.

After that, Nkechi Blessing was asked how she would deal with an unfaithful partner. Nkechi responded as follow:👇🏿

First and foremost, God will not provide me with a cheating partner, and even if he does, it will never be enough for me to quit my marriage. I oppose cheating since no woman wants to share her husband, yet these are circumstances beyond one’s control. By nature, men are polygamous. If I notice any indicators, I’ll have a heart-to-heart with him and change my methods. I understand that humans cannot be satisfied, but I must continue to try my best.

The only thing that will make me pack my belongings and flee is if a man hits me.

see tweet below 👇🏿

Her response did not go over well with everyone. “What kind of nonsense is she talking about?” a commenter tweeted after reading the item on The Sun’s Twitter. A handful of people support her attitude, while others are passionately opposed.

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